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Indicators of a Learning Disability

Instructions: Please answer all questions. Click on the appropriate boxes to add a check mark. Submit this form for a printable version and bring it to your evaluation.

Child's or Adult's name:


Has Difficulty:

1. Blending letters or syllables
2. Decoding words; mispronounces multi-syllabic works
3. Maintaining fluent reading rate; reads word-by-word or repeats frequently etc.

4. Remembering pronunciation of word from one paragraph to the next

5. Reading small words or ends of words
6. Reading similar words (e.g., through/though; what/that)
7. Observing punctuation while reading orally
8. Keeping place while reading
9. Comprehending what is read
10. Making use of context or picture clues
11. Following written directions


Has Difficulty:

1. Forming letters
2. Maintaining consistent letter size or slant
3. Gripping pencil correctly
4. Maintaining appropriate pencil pressure
5. Maintaining correct posture
6. Writing at an appropriate speed (too fast/too slow)
7. Spacing letters or words
8. Remembering to dot i's, cross t's, punctuate sentences, etc.
9. Writing on the line
10. Observing marginal guidelines
11. Copying from the board or book
12. Expressing ideas on paper


1. Reverses letters (e.g., b/d; p/q)
2. Transposes letters within words (e.g., spot/stop; was/saw)
3. Omits or adds syllables (e.g., official/offal; configuration/configuratation
4. Doesn't hear the differences between certain sounds (e.g., hem/him; thief/thieves)
5. Spells phonetically (e.g., says/sayz; nature/nacher)
6. Has trouble finding errors
7. Does well on weekly spelling tests but poorly on free writing.


1. Reverses numerals or symbols

2. Transposes numbers (e.g., 56/65; 1492/1942)

3. Uses fingers to compute
4. Skips problems unintentionally on worksheets or tests
5. Doesn't remember basic math facts
6. Has trouble with alignment and spacing of numbers
7. Has difficulty with place value concepts
8. Has trouble understanding story problems
9. Has trouble shifting operations within a problem (e.g., long division, multiplication)


Has Difficulty:

1. Defining words and/or using appropriate vocabulary
2. Understanding multiple word meanings
3. Explaining a procedure or relating information in a clear, logical manner
4. Understanding directions
5. Relating events in order or occurrence
6. Understanding time concepts and relationships
7. Memorizing information
8. Shifting attention to a new subject or task; tends to perseverate
9. Grasping the main idea
10. Handling abstract ideas
11. Transferring a principle from one event or context to another
12. Anticipating the consequences of his actions (i.e., cause and effect)
13. Seeing humor in situations
14. Making practical judgments and using common sense
15. Distinguishing fact from opinion; understanding figurative language
1. Inattentive and easily distracted
2. Lacking in impulse control; uninhibited
3. Unable to work independently
4. Over-reacting or responding inappropriately in social settings
5. Disturbed by schedule changes or interruptions in routine
6. Inconsistent in performance (i.e., one day is capable, next day is not)
7. Easily frustrated
8. Forgetful; has trouble getting materials to and from school, remembering homework assignments, etc.
9. Unorganized
10. Lethargic, needing constant prodding
11. Fearful; hesitant to attempt anything new
12. A loner; withdrawn
13. Clumsy; poorly coordinated (e.g., skipping, balancing, handling scissors)
14. Inconsistent in use of preferred hand

Please add any additional comments/concerns:




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