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Neuropsychological and other Learning Disorders

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Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, ADHD and Attention Problems in Adults

Instructions: Please answer all questions. Click on the appropriate boxes to add a check mark. Submit this form for a printable version and bring it to your evaluation.

Adult's name:

1. Whenever I follow directions (recipes, assemble furniture, etc.), I follow each step just as it is presented to me in sequence.

2. I have trouble putting my thoughts down on paper.

3. I feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do.
4. Noises distract me.
5. Tasks which need persistence frustrate me.
6. My mind races ahead with lots of ideas.
7. I have trouble sitting passively still at lectures and presentations.
8. I finish the home projects I start.

9. I easily lose interest in tasks.

10. I do not have much patience with difficult tasks.
11. Other people talking while I work is distracting.
12. While talking, I go from one topic to another.
13. I need to be reminded of my daily schedule/duties or appointments.
14. I see others as being more organized than I am.
15. My responsibilities are numerous and barely manageable.
16. The quality of my work suffers because of my lack of concentration.

Please add any additional comments/concerns:




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